Tea Manko

CEO & Founder

Tea Manko, the Founder and CEO of Blossom d.o.o., brings a wealth of experience in the tourism industry, having started her journey as a tourist guide back in 2009. With a deep passion for history, she aspires to connect people with it through her work. Tea has always harbored the dream of becoming independent and establishing a company where a team of dedicated and joyful individuals would eagerly come to work.

All of these aspirations culminated in the creation of Blossom d.o.o., which has now evolved into a successful enterprise across various domains. Currently, Tea’s focus revolves around HR, strategy, and company development, as she continues to steer the ship toward new horizons.

Tea’s dedication to history and her desire to make her company a place where people are not just employees but also part of a vibrant, happy community have been the driving forces behind Blossom d.o.o.’s journey to success.

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