Lamija Keso

Tour Guide

Lamija, born in 2001, is an enthusiastic and knowledgeable tour guide with a Bachelor’s degree in History. She has a deep passion for reading and research, which greatly enriches her understanding of historical contexts. Lamija’s dedication to her craft is evident through her active participation in numerous history-related seminars.

Beyond her academic pursuits, Lamija is an active member of her community, engaging in various activities. Notably, she serves as the president of the Association for Persian and Oriental Culture, highlighting her commitment to promoting Eastern cultures. This role allows us to connect with individuals interested in Eastern cultures, making our tours even more diverse and appealing.

Lamija’s passion for history and her active involvement in cultural associations make her an engaging and insightful tour guide, ensuring that your historical experiences with Blossom Trip are both educational and culturally enriching.

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