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Morića Han (inn) and Tašlihan (inn) in Sarajevo

There were many inns in the Ottoman Empire. These are unique buildings that served as a kind of free hotel for travelers. Sarajevo also had its inns. In today’s post, you will read something about Morić Han – the only preserved han (inn) in Sarajevo, and about Tašlihan, the han of which the ruins remain. […]

Eternal Fire and Vraca Memorial Park

Monuments to the communist era in Bosnia and Herzegovina are quite common. Two monuments in Sarajevo are particularly famous – the Eternal Flame and the Vrace Memorial Park. Eternal Fire The Eternal Fire is a monument to Sarajevo’s military and civilian victims of the Second World War. This monument was built on April 6, 1946, […]

Travnik castle

Travnik castle, or Travnik Old town castle, is a medieval town-fortress complex in the town of Travnik, in Bosnia and Herzegovina. This castle is one of the most beautiful and best-preserved fortified buildings of medieval Bosnia, in which subsequent historical periods have left their special features. It was declared a national monument of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The old […]

Bijambare caves

Bijambare Speleological Area is a protected natural site located approximately 40 km northeast of Sarajevo, on the Sarajevo-Tuzla Highway.  Bijambare is a group of 8 caves between the settlements of Nišići and Krivajevići, in the area of ​​Ilijaš municipality, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Since it is located in the karst region, this area is rich in […]

Sarajevo’s Romeo and Juliet

Madness reigned in Sarajevo in the nineties of the last century. However, in those difficult times, movie stories happened. Boško and Admira – Sarajevo’s Romeo and Juliet – are one such story. Boško and Admira were members of conflicting nations in the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Boško was a Serb, Admira was a Bosniak […]

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