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What our customers are saying about us

  • Anja

    The tour gives a comprehensive overview of the city, main buildings and many hints to museums and other places to explore after the tour. Definitely recommended!

  • Cate Kendriyk
    San Francisco

    I was in Sarajevo in February so I was lucky enough to have a 1:1 walking tour in an uncrowded city. Emilia (sp?) was incredibly knowledgeable, friendly and flexible, and I feel so much more connected to this place now. She also found me the perfect lunch spot following our trip. Thank you!

  • Jorge Sanchez

    Es recomen dable ya que cuenta con personal profesional como guía para exponer los temas a tratar en el tours. Mis felicitaciones, pronto regresaremos y volveremos a solicitar de sus servicios . Mis felicitaciones a todo el personal, mis mejores deseos en el año que estamos en víspera de recibir. Feliz año 2023. Todo el éxito para ustedes.

  • Eugen Cyrus
    New York City

    Very nice walking tour despite cold and rain. Amina is a very knowledgeable guide and a pleasant person, who is nice to talk to. Recommend!

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