With the outbreak of Corona pandemic people’s desire to explore and discover new things hasn’t diminished but unfortunately there are many restraints preventing them from acting upon this desire. Safety measures have affected every aspect of life and in order to protect ourselves and others we have to respect them. Barhopping is not possible anymore,...
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In the Balkans the idea of having fun and socializing necessarily involves food, drinks and music. Whether serene gatherings in the garden (known as akshamluk in Bosnia) or noisy and lively festivities accompanied by fast rhythms over both happy and sad lyrics the Balkans is rich with different traditions. Out of this manner of consorting...
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Bobovac Castle
Our first blog will be about one of the most beautiful and most important historical places in Bosnia and Herzegovina – Bobovac. Over a 500-600 year period, as long as the medieval Bosnian state existed, the capital changed its place twice. Today it is well known that the first capital was located in the area...
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