Our lives are made of a hectic schedule and a pile of imposed obligations and responsibilities. The results among other things are depression, stress, anxiety, and many other mental disorders. Stress harms our physical health in the long run. One way to take a break from all of the above can be just a trip,...
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If you ever heard of the Balkans or if you`ve been there you must be familiar with how much people in this area enjoy life. It is implanted in their DNA. It is a special place where you can feel tingling through your body while you walk through the streets or while you eat a...
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With the outbreak of Corona pandemic people’s desire to explore and discover new things hasn’t diminished but unfortunately there are many restraints preventing them from acting upon this desire. Safety measures have affected every aspect of life and in order to protect ourselves and others we have to respect them. Barhopping is not possible anymore,...
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