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Tito’s bunker in Konjic

Tito’s bunker is the name for a nuclear shelter built on the directive of the President of Yugoslavia, Josip Broz Tito, in Bosnia and Herzegovina. This bunker was one of the most closely guarded military secrets of the former Yugoslavia. The bunker, like in the movie, today is an attraction for many tourists. The public […]

Sarajevo Clock Tower

Do you know a story about the last public clock in the world that shows lunar time? No, it is not in some of the Middle East countries, it is in Sarajevo, Bosnia, and Herzegovina. The Sarajevo Clock Tower is located near the Gazi Husrev Bey Mosque and is one of the largest in Bosnia […]

Morića Han (inn) and Tašlihan (inn) in Sarajevo

There were many inns in the Ottoman Empire. These are unique buildings that served as a kind of free hotel for travelers. Sarajevo also had its inns. In today’s post, you will read something about Morić Han – the only preserved han (inn) in Sarajevo, and about Tašlihan, the han of which the ruins remain. […]

Eternal Fire and Vraca Memorial Park

Monuments to the communist era in Bosnia and Herzegovina are quite common. Two monuments in Sarajevo are particularly famous – the Eternal Flame and the Vrace Memorial Park. Eternal Fire The Eternal Fire is a monument to Sarajevo’s military and civilian victims of the Second World War. This monument was built on April 6, 1946, […]

Travnik castle

Travnik castle, or Travnik Old town castle, is a medieval town-fortress complex in the town of Travnik, in Bosnia and Herzegovina. This castle is one of the most beautiful and best-preserved fortified buildings of medieval Bosnia, in which subsequent historical periods have left their special features. It was declared a national monument of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The old […]

Bijambare caves

Bijambare Speleological Area is a protected natural site located approximately 40 km northeast of Sarajevo, on the Sarajevo-Tuzla Highway.  Bijambare is a group of 8 caves between the settlements of Nišići and Krivajevići, in the area of ​​Ilijaš municipality, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Since it is located in the karst region, this area is rich in […]

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