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Perućica rainforest

Perućica is one of the last preserved rainforests in Europe. It is located within the Sutjeska National Park, in the municipality of Foča, Bosnia and Herzegovina. A rainforest is a forest that has developed since its inception with little (secondary rainforest) or no human influence (primary rainforest), i.e. it was created by the action of […]

Una National Park

The Una River is one of the most beautiful rivers in Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as beyond. Una National Park is one of the four national parks of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The national park is located in the extreme northwestern part of Bosnia and Herzegovina, in the ​​Bihać municipality and Una-Sana Canton area. It […]

Stećak necropolis of Radimlja near Stolac

A stećak is a medieval tombstone, characteristic of certain parts of the Balkans, mostly Bosnia and Herzegovina. In the town called Stolac in Bosnia and Herzegovina, there is this country’s most famous stećak necropolis. About Stolac Stolac is located in southeastern Bosnia and Herzegovina, in the extreme east of Herzegovina-Neretva County. The city was built […]

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