Welcome to Sarajevo, where efficient and reliable public transport awaits you. With Sarajevo public transport, navigating the city has never been easier. Explore the rich cultural heritage, vibrant markets, and stunning landmarks using buses, trams, and trolleybuses. Plan your journey and immerse yourself in the beauty of Sarajevo with our convenient public transport system.


Public transportation in Sarajevo offers a variety of options to help you easily navigate the city.

Here are some key ways to get around:


The first Sarajevo public transport option is the tram. Sarajevo boasts a well-developed tram network that connects the city’s main areas. Trams are frequent and often the quickest way to get around, especially during rush hours, making them a practical mode of transportation for exploring central Sarajevo.



The second Sarajevo public transport option is the bus. Buses in Sarajevo cover a wider area of the city, allowing you to reach destinations beyond the tram network. They are convenient for traveling to peripheral parts of the city and nearby attractions.



Finally, the third Sarajevo public transport option is the trolleybus. Trolleybuses are electric buses also used for passenger transport. Their network covers parts of the city not accessible by trams.

Trolleybus (Sarajevo Public Transport)

Two major companies operate Sarajevo’s public transportation network: GRAS and CENTROTRANS. GRAS is a public enterprise primarily responsible for tram and trolleybus services but also operates buses. CENTROTRANS exclusively operates buses.

You can find the timetable on the official websites of the city’s public transportation providers.


Make sure you have the correct ticket for the type of transport you plan to use (tram, bus, trolleybus). Ticket checks are conducted occasionally, so be prepared for inspections. Tickets can be purchased at kiosks located at some of the starting stations or from the driver. When you buy a ticket, you can ride for several stops or from the first to the last station, and the fare remains the same. The current fare for trams and trolleybuses for a one-way journey is 1.80 KM, while for buses, it’s 1.80 and 2.30 KM (for the city rides, if you want to go peripheral areas prices can be different). However, fares can change, so it’s best to check the prices at the time of your visit to Sarajevo. [Note: KM stands for Bosnian Convertible Mark, the currency of Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2 KM is about 1 EURO.]

Of course, you can also use taxi services. Sarajevo has several reputable taxi companies. Just ensure that the taxi meter is on to avoid overpaying.

Public transportation in Sarajevo allows you to explore the city in an easy and affordable way. Utilize it to get acquainted with the local culture, history, and people. Sarajevo is a city with a rich heritage, and traveling by public transport allows you to immerse yourself in its authentic atmosphere.

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