Bosnia and Herzegovina has beautiful rivers and springs. One of the most beautiful springs is the spring of the Bosna River.

Vrelo Bosne
Vrelo Bosne Ilidža

The Bosna River was first mentioned in 8 AD under the name Bathinus River. The Bosna River is 273 km long, 1-3 m deep (up to 10 m in eddies), and 35-170 m wide.

Vrelo Bosne
Vrelo Bosne Ilidža

Spring of Bosna River is a spring in central Bosnia and Herzegovina, under the mountain Igman. It is one of the most famous features of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is located on the outskirts of Sarajevo, next to the settlement of Ilidža.

The spring of the Bosna River is an outstanding park with numerous streams forming lakes and islands in this geological, hydrological, and botanical-horticultural phenomenon. The most beautiful of that phenomenons is the Spring of the Bosna River, which springs from several karst springs at an altitude of 492 meters. The water is of exceptional quality.

Fijaker Vrelo Bosne
Fijaker, Vrelo Bosne Ilidža

The Spring of the Bosna River can be reached by car or by walking along the avenue. it can also be reached by horse-drawn carriages, which are a great attraction. The alley is made of two rows of 762 plane trees planted in 1892 and dozens of horse chestnut trees as surely the most beautiful tree row in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

In the park, you can see wonderful swans and ducks, walk, have a picnic, have lunch in a restaurant or drink coffee… There are also playgrounds for the children.

Swans, Vrelo Bosne Ilidža

The spring of the Bosna River is among the most famous natural attractions of Bosnia and Herzegovina. If you come to Sarajevo, take a walk along the beautiful avenue to this natural monument. You can also take a carriage ride. In any case, do not miss coming to Spring of the River Bosna.

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