Five reasons why travel is good for your health

Our lives are made of a hectic schedule and a pile of imposed obligations and responsibilities. The results among other things are depression, stress, anxiety, and many other mental disorders. Stress harms our physical health in the long run. One way to take a break from all of the above can be just a trip, which gives us a chance to get away from that persistent temptation for a while.

Many psychologists will just say that travel allows us to rethink our lifestyles and eliminate the causes of dissatisfaction and depression by looking at them from a different angle, so here are our 5 tips on how traveling can help you based on our experiences:
  1. Most people are far more active on trips than at home. There are preparations for the trip, followed by a tourist walk to get to know a certain place, hiking, skiing, swimming … Physical activity improves both physical and mental health and can relieve us of tension, anxiety, depression, and anger.
  2. During the trip, we are mostly outside our “comfort zone”. We grapple with uncertain situations we have not faced before, which increases our ability to make decisions. Traveling will broaden your horizons and make you a better and kinder person.
  3. The Boston University Framingham Heart Study project has long researched and studied the connection between travel and heart disease. They found that people who do not travel during the holidays have a significantly higher risk of heart attack and other heart diseases. Their research confirmed that men and women, aged 45-64, who used their vacation regularly to travel, had a significantly lower incidence of these diseases.
  4. Traveling also supports the results of mastering new knowledge, productivity as well as the way of coping with life’s obstacles. Statistics have shown that students who travel graduate from colleges earlier and more successfully than those whose colleges are in their place of residence.
  5. Lack of sleep has a negative effect on your mental balance but also on your overall health. The good news is that travel can improve sleep quality. Alertness Solutions conducted research on a group of people, following their sleep routine before and after the trip. The results showed that thanks to the trip, the average sleep of the participants increased on average by about an hour. According to the study – the more you travel, the better and more peacefully you will sleep.

So the only thing left is to pack your bags and start the journey!

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